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Yikes Autum Sat, 0000 Icant belive it I have a DHR-HC38 I could not get the darn door shut. But now it's happened again, and I'm quickly losing hope. NICKSat, 0000 I can not belive this all of this...I have a Sony DCR-HC48 and I have not been able to close it for 3 months. have been through this before and removing the battery worked after several tries.I have tried all plug and unplug combinations, pressing the reset button, battery on and off... I get the message "Re-attach the power source", even if the power is attached directly. Please guys, if you know anything else help is greatly needed!!! Now months later it is doing it again and not working this time.I wanted to attempt to remove the "date battery" but also have no clue where to find it. Thanks Julie Mon, 0000 Okay I have been researching this a bit (tape door won't close) on my HC3 which seems to have the problem and I think I have tracked down the problem to the part.On the tape transport mechanism there is a motor that pushes downward on a latch to release the tape after the tape slide has been extended has been opened.The problem is that after mechanism releases the tape it is not moving out of the way to allow the door to be closed again.I have tried all combinations of pulling ac power and battery to no avail. I had a error and my tape was stuck in and I couldn't play or record. Belinda Thu, 0000 I have the same problem with the HDR-HC3 I just bought on e Bay. Couldn't get a tape out so followed the instructions elsewhere on this site and successfully ejected the tape: DCR-TRV350 tape wont eject C:Unfortunately, now the thing won't close. I hit the bottom several times and the mechanism kicked in. Thanks Peter Thu, 0000 I have the HDR-HC3 and it has the same problem. The "hitting" solution unfortunately did not work for me and neither did contacting Sony's on-line support technician.I have tried powering it back on while holding the door closed and still nothing. I tried all of the opening door and disconecting tricks and even slapped it a few times and wow it all opened up to reveal a slightly twisted tape which I was able to remove. I keep getting either a or error and like Josh, I'm unsure as to whether this unit has a so-called slimline battery. Sony says it will cost over 0 (parts and labour) to fix it because the door must be broken.

sarah Mon, 0000 Thanks soooo much Paul Workentine - your method of taking out battery and then putting battery back in worked very well... I tried different variations of hitting and removing the battery... Don't give up, it took me a good 15 minutes of messing around. JVon DFri, 0000 okay people...i think i found the exact way to fix the tape problem..problem just started this morning... problem came out of no where and none of the above has fixed it..

I get the error code C: some beeping and every once in a while it will tell me to reconnect to power supply (even while it is connected to the power supply). If I get an answer sooner than you I'll let you know. I thought my troubles were over but now the tape compartment is stuck open just inside the door (ie not fully ejected). Sony's website's about as helpful as a chocolate teapot so if anyone has managed to resolve this themselves (as supposedly we're meant to be able to do - according to the manual) then any advice would be appreciated! They can't actually confirm that it IS broken or see any broken parts but their suggestion is to simply replace the entire door unit.

I have read previous posts about the secondary slim battery, but not sure if this camera has one. Mike Mon, 0000 I fixed my HDR-HC3 with the same C open door problem by (no kidding) holding it firmly with one hand and hitting the bottom of the cam as hard as I could 3 or 4 times-plugged it back in and it works now-Good luck! I have been a loyal Sony customer my entire life because Sony used to mean quality. Nc Wed, 0000 ROFL - I can't believe it, but worked for me too after the door wouldn't stay closed on my Panasonic NV-DS60, so even if you don't have a Sony, you might want to try this (er, but don't blame me if smoke comes out) :-DRavis Sun, 0000 Same problem.

The tape came out fine but then when I wanted to put it back in it wouldn't go and I got the C: message!

Dropping it on the hardwood floor (this was actually an accident although I probably would have done that after a few minutes) didn't seem to do anything so I read the message about hitting the bottom.

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I then tried resetting the camera with the battery still in and the camera turned off and when I turned it back on all I got was the bloody C: message again and now it was bleeping because the reset had turned the sound back on which I have turned off.