Canon pixma error updating firmware

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Canon pixma error updating firmware

Inside each Stratasys cartridge is a Maxim DS2433 one-wire EEPROM (in a SO-8 package) that the machine communicates with.

Specifically, here’s the layout of data on the EEPROM as known thus far as a result of reading EEPROMs from several brand new cartridges: 0×00-0×41: scrambled data (commenter lgg2 noted that 0×28-0×2F is identical to 0×30-0×37, highlighted in purple) 0×42-0×45: 0×00000000 0×46-0×47: scrambled data 0×48-0×4A: 0×55AA55 (highlighted in green) 0×4B-0×4D: scrambled data 0×4E-0×4F: 0×71BE, 0×72BE, 0×73BE, 0×74BE, or 0×75BE 0×50-0×51: scrambled data 0×52-0×57: 0×000000000000 0×58-0×63: filament remaining (scrambled data, highlighted in yellow) – on an unused spool, 0×62-0×63 is always 0×4BB9, but this gets modified (along with 0×58-0×61) as the cartridge is used. 0×64-0×67: 0×00000000 0×68-0×70: 0×535452415441535953 (‘STRATASYS’ in ASCII, highlighted in dark blue) 0×71-0×1FF: scrambled data Simple enough, right?I assume creating a cron job to delete this file periodically (or using rc.local to delete it on startup) would also work.As far as I know, this constitutes the cutting edge of Stratasys hacking – I’ve heard rumors before of people having bypassed the cartridge EEPROMs, but this is the first concrete information I’ve seen on how to accomplish it.Dumping the contents of one yields hexadecimal gibberish, unfortunately.What’s more, you can’t simply clone one of them, as each has a unique 48-bit serial number lasered onto the die at the time of production, and this serial (presumably) is used as the seed to encrypt/obfuscate the EEPROM data.

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