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A member of the Baseball Hall of Fame, Clemente was not only known for excelling on the baseball field, he was also a very charitable person.In fact, his untimely passing was the result of a plane crash when he was on a trip to bring aid to Nicaragua after an earthquake.

This small tree frog’s presence is generally enjoyed by Puerto Ricans, and insulting its distinctive call isn’t the best idea.

He is arguably the most admired Puerto Rican sports star, and it’s not uncommon to see his jersey number, 21, when in Puerto Rico.

Sometimes people confuse Mexican food with Puerto Rican food, and while there may be some similarities, they’re not the same. territory can be a sensitive subject, depending on who you’re speaking to. citizen, so no visa is required for Puerto Ricans living in the 50 states.

There are some things you should never say, ever, if you want to enjoy your time in the Caribbean archipelago. Puerto Ricans come in many shapes, sizes, and colors.

Assuming that Puerto Ricans should look a certain way – tan with dark hair, for example – perpetuates stereotypes about what Latino people look like, and that’s not okay.

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