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Teavana has opened a chain of tea bars in Manhattan, Chicago, Beverly Hills and Seattle, the birthplace of the coffee shop giant Starbucks. It’s utterly delicious with desserts and divine by itself.Wine Spectator, the revered judge of wines around the world, has given it the thumbs-up, so expect to see Chocolate Shop wine in a glass near to you very soon. “OAP” is so yesterday, whereas “senior citizen” has a whiff of fuddy-duddy. If you’re over the age of 55, you are officially an “active adult”.

This concept of marrying gaming and dating to create meaningful connections recently received huge exposure after The Apprentice UK finalist, Vana Koutsomitis, pitched a concept for a new gamified dating platform, Date Play, on the show’s final.

Have you ever wondered what might happen when the coffee shop obsession starts waning? A chain called Teavana has taken the country by storm – in a teacup!

You’ll soon be ditching your skinny latte for a Maharaja Chai Oolong on your way to work. Chocolate Shop wine from Washington State tastes like a superb red at first sip, but has a velvety chocolate finish.

Verified Dating is launching in the US and goes one step further.

It checks criminal records so can let you know if you’re about to down daiquiris with a convicted axe murderer. Sadly, though, nobody can guarantee against those yellow plus fours.

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In a similar way to Play NConnect, Date Play works by allowing users to meet and get to know each other by participating in a fun gaming experience, while helping to facilitate actual conversation through its messaging interface, which also has tailored icebreaker questions.

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