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Pros of interracial dating

Nevertheless, I suggest that none of these benefits is intrinsic to marriage- that when one becomes married one's health and standard of living increase in a way that it could not have otherwise. My contention with my opponent's second paragraph will be somewhat similar to my contention with his first: that cultural diversity is not intrinsic to marriage and in any event is not something that comes through marriage.

If one is already open minded enough to marry into another culture than that individual does not achieve diversity through the marriage.

There are many people of that generation who accept it as well..can't hold grudges for things that didn't even affect you, but some people are so reserved and traditionalist that the idea of a mixed couple is disturbing to them.

I take the position that mixing in with other races than your own is a very good and diverse way for people to live. I'd like to begin with a definition from the Oxford English Dictionary: 1.

Interracial Dating and Marriage Are Not Wonderful Interracial dating and marriage are not wonderful (and cannot be collectively) as dating and marriage as a whole are not wonderful.

Dating and marriage are traditionally accepted throughout much of the world and have become a key part of our society and culture, but they serve no constructive purpose that could not otherwise be achieved besides the propagation of mutual selfishness and mutual unhappiness. Interracial relationships benefits because you expand yourself to be open-minded of the world around and are exposed to culturally and ethnically different people.

The parents of our generation, particularly of those of us born within the past 2 or 3 decades (I was born in 1982 myself), we may have to deal with a parent or parents who look down on interracial relationships.

I love diversity, i mean when i was younger, i'd prefer a white girl, but over time, i came to accept all girls: I'd marry an american girl, black, middle eastern girl, indian, Jamaican, African, Filipino, Japanese, Hebrew, Chinese, etc. Additionally, I assume that we are all under the correct assumption that the dating and marriage referred to here are the pursuit and ultimate accomplishment of a union between two people with certain necessary facets such as mutual monogamy, cohabitation and (in many cases) the establishment of a family through children.

I come from an interracial family my mother is African American and my father is Asian.

I really didn’t know nothing about half of the things that goes on in interracial marriages because my father is back in China.

But Pro's case did not require it to be unique--it wasn't that "ID/M is MORE wonderful" or "ID/M is THE MOST wonderful".

Con argues that there are other paths to diversity--which is fine, and does no damage to Pro's case.

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