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The contact form other wise does everything I need it to do so getting another app for something that should be native seems rather silly. I am building a site for a client who has multiple forms on their site.I've basically copied the standard contact form for each and then added custom fields for each one.If you are stuck somewhere while using a specific product and you get an email helping you with tips to get started from that point – that is a part of an automated drip email series.

q=contact It would be great to be able to change the subject line via the form inputs.

Similarly, when you reach a milestone or when you fail to attend a webinar, you might recall receiving emails with subject lines like Congrats XYZ, You’ve reached 1,000 milestones or We’re sad you couldn’t make it.

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Please allow us to put a hidden input and set the subject line where possible. The ability to change the email like that is a bad idea since it would allow anyone to send email via the shopify servers to any address. That said, some ability to set an email address from within the liquid file would be pretty darn handy.

I would love to be able to change the subject line as well, it shouldn't be a hard thing to set up I would think.

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While all these emails are highly personalized, they are pre-scheduled and are triggered only when the set specific actions happen.