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Validating email addresses in vb net

The following example shows how you can validate an email address for an aspx page/form.The script is cross browser compatible (works for all browsers such as IE, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome). Tech Knowledgey Dim b CK As Boolean Dim str Domain Type As String Dim str Domain Name As String Const s Invalid Chars As String = "! The Email Validator component verifies if an email address is valid, properly formatted and really exists.Hope you will get a bit better experience: Hope now you can easily incorporate Javascript Email Validation in your Asp. It is completely written in managed code (C#) and is compliant with Common Language Specification (CLS), so it can be used with any other . NET), C /CLI, J#, Iron Python, Iron Ruby, F# and Power Shell.NET, Delphi, C Builder, Javascript and VBScript: Download Join our Mailing List and stay tuned: SUBSCRIBE The Clever Internet Suite library includes a special component, Email Validator, by using of which you can check the email syntax, mail server existence and it's availability.In some cases, you can check whether the specific user has the mailbox on this server and whether this mailbox can accept mail.

Function Valid Email(By Val str Check As String) As Boolean 'Created by Chad M.

You can set up the desired validation tests by using of the Validation Level component property. When you set the validation level, the component always performs all previous validation levels as well. Domain level, the component performs 1, 2 and 3 steps above; if you set the Email Validation Level.

Smtp level, the steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 are performed, etc.

To do that you have to learn regular expression syntax clearly.

Now add the below Javascript Email Address Validation Function within your head tag or within the content tag for child page: Email address validation completed now.

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This component uses different levels of email tests: it can check the email syntax, test the domain availability, check whether the SMTP service is available and, finally, check if the mailbox exists.

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