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Who is angie martinez dating

Williams 'burst into tears and started screaming' when she heard of Martinez's pilot and said 'I can't believe that b**** is getting a show with them. 'The bad blood between Williams and Martinez began in the 1990s when they were both hosts on New York's famed hip hop station Hot 97 FM. It took only a few seconds for me to realize that she wasn’t really hitting me back — she was just trying to get me off of her,' she said in the book.

According to Martinez's autobiography, My Voice: A Memoir, trouble with the two women started when Williams posted a blind item on her website about Martinez's relationship with rapper Q-Tip. According to Martinez, a co-worker separated them and Williams grabbed a mop in case she needed to defend herself again.

Jesse is portrayed by Darnell Williams and Angie is portrayed by Debbi Morgan.

Jesse first appeared in Pine Valley, Pennsylvania in 1981 as the nephew of Dr.

Shortly after Angie's first appearance on the show, they were paired with one another.

Jesse and Angie were best friends to fellow supercouple Greg Nelson and Jenny Gardner.

'One of my co-workers is dating Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest. I guess some women like men who like men,' recalled Martinez in her book, of what Williams had posted on her website. Every rapper you could think of in that era, I had heard Wendy Williams call them gay. Like every one of them.' Martinez said she confronted Williams about the matter and things escalated. 'She just stood there with it like she wanted to have some sort of sword fight or something.

It was actually kind of funny, even in the moment,' Martinez recalled.

"From a personal standpoint, Darnell and I were like hooked at the neck or the back or something; we'd gotten to be such good friends.Talk show host Wendy Williams has not been acting like herself ever since Daily broke the news of her husband's secret affair with a 32-year-old massage therapist. Daily has learned that Williams is so distraught that she had a sudden and explosive outburst when she discovered that her old radio nemesis Angie Martinez would be working with her talk show's company on a new talk show pilot.Sources close to the TV personality said behind the scenes of her energetic talk show, the 53-year-old has been uncharacteristically melancholy.'She's not the same bubbly person that she typically is. The tantrum is one of the only times Williams has shown emotion since her husband Kevin Hunter was exposed for having a 10-year affair with Sharina Hudson in late September, the insider said.The woman who gossips about everyone else's life for a living is now making headlines of her own,' the source explained.Martinez claimed they once got into a physical fight after Williams (pictured in 1995) declared that Q-Tip, who Martinez was dating at the time, was gay.

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Producers were uncertain as to whether she would actually be able to pull off the next show, but once her intro came on and the two doors opened, she walked out on stage and somehow made it work.

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